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6 clever uses for rubber bands

Rubber bands find their way into businesses because they are used in a variety of ways. From packaging to keeping bunches of veggies and cut flowers together, elastic bands keep items grouped and are easy to apply and remove. Here are some other ideas of how rubber bands can improve your products:

Rubber bands for agriculture

Attach your label to your produce. From pineapple producers to the people who bottle food, you can add your branded label to your product.

Rubber bands for the food industry

Prevent smoothies from spilling. Food delivery companies can fit a rubber band over the lids of cups and containers that don’t seal well for additional security and their clients never eat a soggy burger.

Rubber bands for packaging

Book stores can apply rubber bands over hard cover books to prevent them from being read on the shelf. Also, when customers buy a book and place it in a bag, the pages won’t get ‘dog-ears’!

Stop haberdashery from unspooling. Measuring tapes, lace, ribbons and bias binding have a habit of unwinding and causing customer frustration. Secure these products with a rubber band, both on your shelf and when customers make a purchase – and your product will stay neatly wrapped.

Rubber bands for banks and financial service businesses

Bind your money bags together. Banks and cash-in-transit businesses can use elastic bands to keep money bags together. Easy to apply and remove, you can make sure your different denominations remain grouped.

Rubber bands for home industry and hobbies

Run a home craft store? Secure bunches of flowers and herbs with rubber bands then secure to a line to dry upside down. Use your dried floral material to decorate cards, in decoupage and candles, as potpourri or for gifting.

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